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Q. Who should take N1TROUS?

A. N1TROUS was designed to be taken by anyone and everyone who wants to reach their goals faster than ever before.  Our formula is safe and effective for men and women. We recommend stating with a 1/2 scoop to asses tolerance. Always consult a licensed medical doctor before taking any supplements. 

Q. What is the best way to take N1TROUS?

A. N1TROUS is absolutely delicious!  Our mouth watering flavors taste best mixed with 8-16oz of water.  If you like stronger flavor use less water, if you want something less sweet use more water.

Q. How long before my workout should I take N1TROUS?

A. N1TROUS has ingredients to help promote absorption.  With these ingredients you can expect to start "feeling" it kick in within 3-10 minutes.  However we suggest to ingest at-least 15 minutes prior to exercise for full absorption.

Q. Will N1TROUS keep me awake at night?

A. N1TROUS is a stimulant pre workout.  We recommend taking it at least 3-4 hours prior to going to sleep.  Nootropics will wake you up, but should not affect your sleeping habits.