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About us

Mission Statement:


 RevUp wasn’t created to be just another supplement name on the shelf, it was created to put power into the market, and to create the supplement that Revs you up, and keeps you coming back for more.  We are here to break from the normal routine, to shock the market, and to shock your lifting routine, no matter your end goal.  Our mission is to watch our supplement line grow with our customers, and continuously tailor our products to the needs of our fitness family.


Our Vision: 

We strive to be tomorrow’s supplement brand of today.  We, the founding members of RevUp were raised in gyms, we have tasted every pre-workout there is to be tasted, we have trialed and errored every flavor of post workout on the market today, and to this day, we keep testing the waters until we find the perfect formulas, or in this case, make it.  We envision RevUp to be that stopping point, that final formula that tastes like perfection, and makes everyday at the gym an out of this world experience.  We don’t want to be that trialed product, or the pre-workout of the month.  We want RevUp products to be the ones our customer’s will always be talking about, and the ones they trust the most.  We strive to be your brand.