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  • Increase Focus, Mood & Natural Motivation
  • Enhance Energy, Longer Harder Workouts
  • Help Torch Stubborn Fat
  • Maximize Endurance, Pump Out Extra Reps, Sets, and Miles
  • Boost Blood Flow, Massive Pumps and Increased Growth
  • Mouth Watering Flavors
  • No Secrets! Full Transparent Label, Clinically Dosed Ingredients

NITROU2 - NOOTROPIC INFUSED PRE WORKOUT is the New and Improved Alpha of Pre Workouts.

What to Expect From the New NITROU2 and What's Different...

      • Incredible euphoric focus, elevated mood, increased cognitive abilities. If you know N1TROUS you know the driving factor behind it was its nootropics. If you also knew N1TROUS you would have noticed a pungent order/taste. You will also now notice that our nootropics have changed.  As we are trying to always evolve and bring you the best we are constantly testing and combining new ingredients to bring you the best.  Our new "FOCUS NOOTROPIC COMPLEX" works together with other new ingredients, helping you get that euphoric feeling.  By changing these nootropics we were able to enhance the nootropic affect, without having to sacrifice any flavors or tastes! 
      • Huge pumps: Notice the extreme fine silky powder, with zero clumping or "wet" powder.  Hydromax was replaced by Glycerol Monosterate, giving you the same pump effects without rocky powder. Say bye bye to the clumps and hello to the pumps!
      • More Energy: Without the dreaded jitters and crash, or "stimmed out" feeling, NITROU2, paired with Synephrine HCL increases ATP and expands energy output.  Rauwolscine is now in the mix, which is a powerful stimulant, which when combined with caffeine, increases energy levels.  L-Theanine (a nootropic) is here to stay to heighten the affects of caffeine, a DYNAMIC DUO.  Theanine also has a calming effect, which is great for preventing jitters, and the crash. We found that by using 100mg instead of 200mg (old formula) of Theanine, we received more positive affects, while still preventing any jitters or crash.
      • Increased Endurance: If you thought your endurance was elevated with N1TROUS, wait until you try this new formula. Workout harder and longer than before, while feeling like an absolute unit! After evaluating, testing, and adjusting, we added Taurine to extended your endurance well past normal levels.  Taurine along with Synephrine boost ATP levels in the body which fuels your body when expending energy, allowing you to push harder than before.
      • Fat Burning:  Yep, NITROU2 now has multiple ingredients that will aide in promoting that stubborn fat loss.  The two main ingredients added for fat loss are Synephrine HCL and Rauwolscine.  These ingredients when combined with caffeine create a great additional fat burning affect.
      • Faster Absorption: N1TROUS hit fast, but here at RevUp we are obsessed with speed! NITROU2 now has AstraGin® which is a patent proprietary ingredient that significantly enhances absorption.  
      • Taste:  As stated before there were some ingredients in N1TROUS that were just impossible to flavor. By removing these and tweaking the amounts of non-active ingredients, we were able to create flavors that are out of this world!

If are looking to break through your plateau and unlock your abilities, look no further. 

Focus, Energy, Endurance, Pumps, and Fat Burning all in 1 Scoop! All of these benefits without the dreaded crash or jitters.  NITROU2 in either of its mouth watering flavors is going to be your new go to Pre Workout.

All of our ingredients were hand-picked and tested to boost every aspect of your workout.  This Pre Workout is dosed and formulated for everything to work together, giving you maximum affects without giving you side effects!

With the addition of our Nootropic Complex, you can expect

  • Hyper Euphoric Focus
  • Better Mind Muscle Connection
  • All Day Mental Clarity
  • No Crash
  • No Jitters
  • Boosted Natural Motivation & Much More

Q. Who should take NITROU2?

A. NITROU2 was designed to be taken by anyone and everyone who wants to reach their goals faster than ever before.  Our formula is safe and effective for men and women. We recommend stating with a 1/2 scoop to asses tolerance. Always consult a licensed medical doctor before taking any supplements. 

Q. What is the best way to take NITROU2?

A. NITROU2 is absolutely delicious!  Our mouth watering flavors taste best mixed with 8-16oz of water.  If you like stronger flavor use less water, if you want something less sweet use more water.

Q. Is it normal to have a "gritty" texture?

A. Yes! We only use high quality ingredients. Pure, high quality Glycerol Monosterate is not very soluble in water.  If desired you can use warm water to help dissolve the Glycerol mono. 

Q. How long before my workout should I take NITROU2?

A. NITROU2 has ingredients to help promote absorption.  With these ingredients you can expect to start "feeling" it kick in within 3-10 minutes.  However we suggest to ingest at-least 15 minutes prior to exercise for full absorption.

Q. Will NITROU2 keep me awake at night?

A. NITROU2 does has stimulants in it. Debating on how you are affected by stimulants it may make it difficult to fall asleep if taken close to bed time. We recommend taking it at least 2-3 hours prior to going to sleep.  Nootropics will wake you up, but should not affect your sleeping habits. 

  • L-Citrulline – Improved circulation, bigger “pumps”, more muscle endurance, higher energy, decreased muscle soreness.
  • Glycerol Monosterate -  Increase hydration, increased exercise efficiency, prolonged endurance time, prolonged "pump effect".
  • AstraGin® -  Patent proprietary ingredient to significantly increase nutrient absorption. 
  • Beta-Alanine – Increased time to exhaustion, increased muscle endurance, quicker recovery, less muscle “burn” during training.
  • Betaine Anhydrous –  Increase endurance, strength digestion, protein synthesis, lean muscle and fat loss; while improving liver function & more. 
  • Caffeine – Increased energy, cognitive abilities and endurance.  Increasing muscle power, decreased rate of perceived exertion (RPE), and increased heart rate. Works synergistically with nootropics and our fat burning complex.
  • Acetyl L- Tyrosine – More water soluble than just L-Tyrosine. Works to Increase dopamine to elevate focus, mood and motivation. Also increased muscle recovery and blood flow, and increased motivation and drive.  
  • Mucuna Pruriens 99% – Crosses blood brain barrier.  Increased cognitive function, improved brain function and health. Increase Testosterone, and decreases stress.   
  • L-Theanine – Increased affects of caffeine, increased energy and focus.  Has calming effect to fight off “jitters” and “crashing”, increased muscle recovery, and reduced unproductive side effects.
  • Huperzine A – Increased nerve signaling between neurotransmitters, Increased focus, attention and Improved memory, overall brain support.