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Why we did it, and why we are doing it - RevUp Nutrition

Posted on June 10 2018

Why we did it, and why we are doing it - RevUp Nutrition


Why Supplements?

Why this blog post? We believe that the better the  supplements are, the better the industry will be as a whole. If somebody can start a new line of supplements and do it right, it can bring revenue to the industry and can be great for the customers. If they do it wrong, it can make the industry look bad and turn people off from buying supplements ever again.

So why listen to us?  We have been in the industry for many years and have worked out using over 100 supplement brands, as well as earned degrees in nutrition, food science, and agribusiness. We are very close to the customers that use the products and we constantly hear their feedback.  We have seen what works and what doesn't.  Social media has become one of the biggest (if not the biggest) resources for hearing consumer's voices.  We are active all over to hear you out! 

Why we are doing it.


  1. Are carried by the major supplement retailers or distributors.
  2. Are respected in the industry by competitors and customers.
  3. Are giving great results to people that buy and use their product.
  4. Are making a profit.

 With the guidelines above, we can happily say that we are checking off all the items on this list, so this is why we are doing it!  We would not continue to push our products unless we believed in them, and believed that they were beneficial to our customers.  We created a brand that has the research behind it, and our goal is to pass this education along to our end users. 

What we will continue to do.

Be authentic:

Sports nutrition consumers are passionate. They like brands that have a story and stand for something or have come from somewhere. They connect and engage with brands that create experience or have an individual who is an icon for the brand and sport.  We are one of the most recent successes.  We give all of our consumer’s helpful advice, and answer any/all questions with incredible response time.  We LOVE our team members and encourage everyone to apply to help build their goals, and support a brand they believe in (not to mention all the perks).

Give value for the money:

We meet customer needs. Price is never an obstacle if you can create a product that customers want and are able to identify the value and role it plays in their daily lives. If a brand simply copies its competitors and offers no point of difference, then it needs to be armed and prepared to do battle in a low price war. This is a completely different strategy in itself and one that also must be planned for.  Please, READ THE INGREDIENTS.  We love comparisons, and believe everyone should have the ability to double check what they are paying for.  We don’t want to work off of high margins, we want to work off of top ingredients, and high customer satisfaction.