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The silent dream killer

Posted on May 07 2018

The silent dream killer

This virus is sweeping across the nation like a wildfire.. A deadly disease that’s festering inside many of us, and once is has reached its fully potent power; it will quickly spread to its next victim and so on and so forth. This crippling disease that I am referring to is in fact, mediocrity. 

Yes mediocrity, some of you may laugh at the thought of this being so deadly as all that.. but let me ask you. What’s more deadly than a stealthy dream killer that slowly creeps into your life without you realizing? As it begins to take over, All of your high hopes and big ambitions slowly but surely are pushed to the way side.

The hardest part is the symptoms won’t all come about at once.. that’s what makes this disease so deadly is it ability to fly under the radar for extended periods of time.

Recognize the signs

Think you may have contracted this deadly virus? Do you find yourself saying things like “good enough", or "it doesn’t have to be perfect”?  Do you settle for second best without even trying for first?  In the wise words of Greg Plitt "If you’re dusting your counter tops – do you dust around the picture frame? Or do you pick the mother fucker up and dust the entire thing? Do the job right or don’t do it at all. That’s the same person who has his hand raised on the podium. That’s the same mother fucker. How you hold yourself in the small things in life build the character winning blocks of the things that we’re remembered for."  

Look around at those that you have surrounded yourself with, what do you see?  The saying "you become the people you surround yourself with" is one of the truest quotes there is. No matter how strong willed you think you are, if you keep an inner circle that consists of mediocre people who have no drive, no aspirations, and no dreams of success you WILL get sucked in.  Slowly but surely these symptoms will creep there way in and a once driven individual becomes content with being a face in the crowd.  Don't tempt fate by keeping them around, whether they mean to or not- the lazy hold back the driven.  Too often we keep people in our lives and simply waste away with them because we feel we have to.  Always remember,  you are the one who decides who you surround yourself with so choose wisely.

What can you do?

Look yourself in the eye and ask, how was my time spent today, did I use it wisely? If I didn’t procrastinate where would I be in life?  When the hell did good enough become acceptable? When did not giving something your very best effort and anything short of 100% become okay?  Self reflection is one of the hardest things to do but one of the most beneficial when it comes to squashing mediocrely and breeding success.

A simple trick to set yourself up for success is to write down your goals.  Whether on a white board in your room or a piece of paper on your bedroom mirror but when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed you see your goals.  This will help keep away procrastination by constantly reminding you of what you must do, and one by one as you knock goals off your list you will be able to cross them off with a feeling of accomplishment.

You must recognize these signs and turn it around, the best and worst part of this disease is that you are your only cure. You have the antidote within you.. but are you strong enough to fight against this crippling disease? Are you able to rise above all those that are content with mediocrity, happy with second best, and embrace a mundane life with open arms? This choice is yours; rise up and stand tall, or kneel until you fall. F*%# mediocrity, go do what you were born to do. Go create your greatness.