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Why Supplements?

Why this blog post? We believe that the better the better supplements are, the better the industry will be as a whole. If somebody can start a new line of supplements and do it right, it can bring revenue to the industry and can be great for the customers. If they do it wrong, it can make the industry look bad and turn people off from buying supplements ever again.

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The RevUp team want's to keep customers coming back, and to do so, we know we need to offer more products, and don't worry, we are! As we move into 2018, we want to focus on multiple new products, including protein, BCAAs, and our topic of discussion in this post . . . creatine. Why Creatine Creatine is an essential amino acid found in many protein-rich foods, and can be taken in higher supplemental doses to help boost performance. Creatine aids in the production of ATP, your body's main energy source for short, intense activities, and also helps to buffer lactic...

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