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The importance of legday

Posted on February 08 2018

The importance of legday

We've all heard it before, someone telling you, you need to train legs, or the ever popular "do you even squat bro"?!  But the real question here is why is training legs such a necessity?  Is it really that important?  Well unfortunately for those of you who hate to train legs the answer is yes, but don't worry because I'm going to break down WHY not neglecting your legs is so important.

Building the foundation

Picture your body as a building, where would you start construction?  The top?  Somewhere in the middle?  Of course not!  Everything about a building depends on one thing, a firm foundation.  If that base a building is built like shit how is the rest of the structure going to be?  Odds are not very good.  So now apply that to your body, not only will you aesthetically look absolutely ridiculous but your only partially utilizing your body's potential when you neglect your legs.  They are a reservoir of testosterone thats just waiting to be tapped on.  

Breaking those plateaus

So you've been crushing your chest, destroying your back/arms, and developing some serious boulder shoulders.  But wait... You've hit the ever dreaded plateau!  What do you do?  You've tried switching around your diet, you've tried hitting the same muscle twice in a week but nothing seems to be working.  That where leg day saves the day!  Rather than double up on upper body.... Do the opposite, start crushing those legs double time!  The legs are the biggest muscle group in the body and will help with your overall testosterone production.  So picture it almost as a supply and demand, your body won't produce more testosterone unless it needs too, so its up to you to create that demand.  So the harder you're able to push yourself during leg day's the more growth overall you will be able to achieve, see how that works?

Where respect is earned

No matter what anyone says we all crave some amount of respect in the gym.  Whether its getting a slap on the back after a particular savage chest workout or a grunt of acknowledgement after you break a PR with deadlifts.  Nothing commands more respect than a destructive leg day.  Whether its testing your might in the squat rack, hitting high volume on the leg press or maybe even that last grueling set of lunges that you just barely make it through.  When you push your body as far as it will go, respect will be given.  The squat was once compared to be an analogy for life, "its about something heavy bringing you down as low as you can go, only to rise back up by your own strength."  Isn't that what its all about?  Rising to the occasion no matter what the opposition may be?  I challenge you, next time you train legs to push yourself to the limit, and achieve the greatness that lies deep within.